Coffeestar is an Estonian producer of high-quality coffee, which was established in 1995 with the aim of offering flavoured coffee. In 1998 when demand appeared on the market for coffee from various countries, we started roasting these coffee beans as well.

Our coffee is always freshly roasted and we have selected the best Arabica coffee varieties and blended them into delicious bouquets of taste and aroma. We offer our flavoured coffee fans a wide range of tastes as well as varieties from various countries of origin.

Make an informed choice and support Estonian economy and people by buying our coffee!


We have chosen out high quality coffee beans from the finest coffee-growing regions.

To get the best results, we roast our coffee beans using the Doppio Tostado method, which means that all beans are roasted twice.

Our baristas are professionals in their field and they have passed a long training period.

Our promise

  • For roasting, we use high quality coffee beans.

  • Our coffee beans are roasted, using the Doppio Tostado method.

  • Coffee will always reach you freshly roasted.

  • Fast delivery.